LA ESCUELITA, or "little school," is a bilingual, science-based preschool. We play an important role in closing the achievement gap for Spanish-speaking children in the Lake Norman area. Our superior dual-language early childhood education and family programs are proven to improve the outcomes for all our graduates.

Preschool is a great time for language learning as it coincides with children's natural critical period for language development.

Our Learning Method

Language is not "taught" at our school. Instead, both Spanish and English are used seamlessly in the authentic context of the child's everyday conversation and through play, art and literacy.
Crecer, Aprender, y Jugar

Growth Through Cultural Interaction (Crecer)

Knowing a second language is of growing importance for personal development in an increasingly globalized world. Attitudes towards other languages and cultures are formed at an early age. Research shows that children who learn a second language in an early bilingual program often out-perform their monolingual peers in school. Social interaction and context are key to learning languages, making preschool an ideal dual-language, multi-cultural environment. Our talented staff of native speakers facilitate cultural understanding through science activities, cooking projects, personal stories, and holiday celebrations.

Love of Learning (Aprender)

La Escuelita Bilingual Preschool prepares both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking children for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Our Hands-on-Science, literacy-rich environment leverages the long-term advantages of bilingualism and cultural diversity. Our experienced teachers are bilingual; our ratios are low; our approach is gentle and kind. We create a love for learning that benefits children for the rest of their schooling. We believe children learn by doing.

Guided Play (Jugar)

La Escuelita Bilingual Preschool's curriculum encompasses a full range of skills necessary to elevate a child's self-confidence in a peer group setting like Kindergarten. La Escuelita's philosophy is child-centered, play-based, and in unity with nature. Through skillfully guided play, children actively pose problems, explore solutions and develop understandings of real world concepts of form and function. Our carefully planned physical environment is stimulating, attractive, warm, and includes the natural outdoor environment as an integral part of our educational program.